Pastor’s Update

Dear friend of Pine Mountain Christian Community Church,

We Christians have a lot to get excited about! In fact, we Christians should be the happiest people on earth! Think about it: We are forgiven! (Not perfect yet, but forgiven). We have peace with God! We Can enter the very presence of God! We have the love of God poured into our hearts! We know God is using trials to help us! And we can now talk to God and have Him talk to us 24/7! There is much, much, more, but those few things are able to keep us standing no matter what life throws at us. And that’s what God wants: He wants us to stand and rejoice our way through each day. That’s the subject of Romans 5:1-11, and so I pray that if you are in town, you will come join us for worship as we get excited together!


*  There will be a New Members Information meeting THIS SUNDAY, May 19th at 12 noon. We’ll have lunch together in the Activities Center (sub sandwiches & chips, no cost), and be done by 1 p.m. If you are not a member, I pray you will come to the lunch to learn more about PMCCC, and consider joining us as we serve Christ together in this community.   

* If you are a church member, please plan to attend our Annual Members Meeting on June 2nd at 12 noon in the sanctuary after church. We need as many as possible there to unite in God’s leading, pass the Church Funding Plan, and rejoice in what God is doing among us.

* This Sunday we may have a good number of visitors in town for the Lilac Festival. Please greet anyone you don’t know, and pray that the Lord’s presence will be powerfully at work among us.


* Sunday, May 19th at 9:30 a.m.: All Church Prayer Time in the church sanctuary

 * Sunday, May 19th at 10 a.m.: Worship Service in the sanctuary.  Sermon: “We Have a Lot to Get Excited About!”, Romans 5:1-11.  Live-streamed (Lord willing) on,, and Facebook 

* Wednesday, May 22nd at 10 am: Women’s Bible Study in the Activities Center

* Wednesday, May 22nd at 10 am: Men’s Bible Study in the Church Library

* Wednesday, May 22nd at 5 pm: Youth Meeting in the Activities Center

* Thursday, May 23rd at 4 pm: JAM (ages 5 to 10) in the Activities Center

* Friday, May 24th at 1 p.m.: Food Distribution in the Activities Center

Growing in Excitement for all that God has done,

Pastor Rick

Pine Mountain Christian Community Church

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Sunday Worship Service

9:30am – All Church Prayer in Sanctuary

10:00am – One service for youth and adults. Both in person and online.

Ongoing Events

Food Distribution
Tusdays 1 p.m.
Activities Center

Women’s Bible Study
Wednesdays - 10 a.m.
Activities Center

Men’s Bible Study
Wednesdays - 10 a.m.
Church Library

Jr. High meet for dinner and Bible Study
Wednesdays - 5 p.m.
Activities Center

JAM (Jesus And Me, ages 5 to 10) - meet for Bible lesson, Crafts, Music and Dinner!
Thursdays 4 - 6 p.m.
Activities Center